Tides (when to ride)


High Tide forecast + 50 up to  + 100 cm :  with incoming tide best time ca. 2 hours before high tide. Nautical mile (best wind direction: 250 – 260 degrees): when the 4 grass islands are just surrounded with water

High Tide forecast + 150 cm  :  with outgoing tide best time 2 hours before low tide. Liquid ice. On the sandbank use a flap fin board.

Tide forecast low tide + 300 cm : too much water, no way – even at low tide


high tide forecast 6:12 am: + 150 to 200 cm – low tide 12:46 o clock: + 300 cm

Water came very quickly (NW-storm). 3 hours before low tide the beach was dry – one hour after low tide the beach was flooded. First north of the new bridge, then the southern beach a little and the part directly south of the bridge as the last.

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