Gps-speedkiting is a world wide kite speed register.

The records are recorded by GPS.The GPS data are evaluated by GPSResults, a special evaluating program. Download GPSResults here: www.gps-speed.com  With the help of this program you can see your top speed and your average speed over 100m, 250m, 500m and the nautical mile. And you can see your average speed you had during one hour. Furthermore you can see on the graphic which course angles were the fastest.

After the evaluation send your tracks to info@gps-speedkiting.com and after the results have been checked, you appear in the ranking list.


All you need is a Navi GT11 GPS unit and an Aquapac:

Navi GT11: https://www.triptrackersportsmate.co…duct.php5?id=1
Aquapac (you need “pro sports”) for wrapping around your upper arm: http://www.aquapac.de/homeframe.html
Connect your aquapac with an extra safety line to your wrist !

How to use the Navi GT11

1) Put in memory card

2) Switch the Navi on by pressing the small button for a while  –>  if “card found” and –> “new file” appear on the display, everything is OK.

3) If you want to see your topspeed on the display later on, push the joystick (big button) sideways until  “TRIP METER” appears. –>Press the joy stick down –> “TIME NOW” –>Push the joy stick sideways several times until  “TRIP MAX SPEED” appears.  If there is still the number of your last session, you can delete it like this: Push the joy stick down –>“PAUSE/ZERO” –>Make “zero” black by pushing the joy stick sideways again (if its not black already). –>Press joy stick down again –> “0.00”

4) Put the Navi in your Aquapac carefully. If it touches the joy stick to much during putting in, you dont see your top speed anymore later on. After having wrapped the Aquapac around your upper arm (the Navi looking into the sky) connect it with an extra safety line to your wrist.

5) After the session switch off the Navi by pressing the small button again for a while.

How to put the data into your computer

1) Put the memory card out of the Navi (Navi have to be switched off !)

2) Insert the card into your computer (if you have a suitable slot) or into a card reader. Connect the card reader to your computer. –> after a while an intermediate store appears on the screen with your “GPS DATA” in. Keep the name of this store in mind.

3) Switch on “GPSResults” –> “FILE” –> “OPEN” –> “……” (name of your intermediate store) –> double click on “GPS-Data” –> select your track (there is the date in: for example 20080126) –> “Open” –> a picture appears on the screen with all the tracks you made in that session. On the left side you can click on the runs you made (250m, 500m and so on…). Very funny: “FILE” –> “overlay with GoogleEarth” –> a flight from outer space to your spot (google Earth has to be installed and you must be connected to the internet)

4) To keep your results in your store forever go back to “GPS-Data” and click your session with the right mouse button –> a little field appears where “copy” is written. Click on this and select the store where you want to put it in. –> click on right mouse button again –> again a field appears where “put in” is written –> click on this

5) Before you remove the memory card from your computer, click on the arrow in the right corner in the bottom of the screen. Then click on the symbol for card removing –> a field appears –> click on this –> a new field appears –> remove the card. Otherwise the data can be destroyed.

6) Send your data to info@gps-speedkiting.com. After the tracks have been checked, you appear in the rankings.

Theme photo: Frau Schenkel

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